Suffering with acid reflux during pregnancy? Learn more about the causes and treatments for heartburn during pregnancy.

Natural Pregnancy Midwife Is Your Guide to Natural Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond....

Natural Pregnancy Midwife is an online guide to a healthy pregnancy for anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of a non-medicalized pregnancy and gentle childbirth. If you're pregnant or just beginning to plan for a baby read on to find out all you need to know from preconception, through pregnancy, birth and more.

We'll also talk about breast feeding, natural parenting, attachment parenting and everything to do with bringing up your baby naturally and safely in today's World. Natural parenthood starts with a healthy pregnancy and a positive outlook.

As an experienced home birth midwife with many years experience, I can say, hand-on-heart, that you've been designed just perfectly for growing and birthing your gorgeous baby. I can’t wait to share with you online, the knowledge and information I have learned over the years.

Around the World women of all ages, shapes and sizes are wanting to enjoy their pregnancy and birth in a calm, gentle way. This is with minimal need for drugs, intravenous drips and interference of the normal process of childbirth. Following our information and tips should help you enjoy a healthy, natural pregnancy and labor.

Whether you’re hoping for a calm natural childbirth experience or needing to have more help due to complications of pregnancy, there will be lots of interesting useful pages for you on this site! Learn how to increase your fertility and get tips on trying to conceive. Find out if you're pregnant. Then, from your first missed period onwards, enjoy a healthy pregnancy, read all about early pregnancy symptoms and how to manage them.

At Natural Pregnancy we discuss remedies and ideas to relieve many pregnancy ailments including Heartburn during pregnancy, backache and lack of sleep and much more. We also talk about choosing where to give birth and how to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, get ready for labor and enjoy your transition into parenthood. Caring for your new baby in today’s World means being aware of all the environmental pollutants and chemicals that are in our everyday surroundings and household products. There are gorgeous organic baby clothes and safe alternatives that you'll discover too.

Learn how to care for your new baby in a holistic way. Use natural home remedies for common childhood ailments. Read about how to calm and settle your baby, Breast feed and more. Share your birth story with us as well.

Achieve the pregnancy and birth you desire with the aid of Natural Pregnancy Your passage into parenthood and to a happy pregnancy, birth and beyond begins here. Welcome to your online childbirth companion.

Enjoy the journey.

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About Natural Pregnancy And How Information Here Can Help You
About having a passion for natural child-birth and how it led to this website being created.
How To Get Pregnant Is Your No 1 Issue. Benefit From Natural Nutritional Advice.
Optimize your fertility for a natural pregnancy. Thinking about how to get pregnant? We discuss all the important ingredients when planning a pregnancy using natural nutrition for fertility.
Natural Pregnancy Is What Most Women Want To Achieve. It's Not Difficult.
Retired Midwife shares how to avoid birth interventions and have a peaceful natural birth. Learn how to follow your instincts, listen to your baby & have the natural pregnancy experience you desire.
Early Pregnancy Symptoms Can Be A Surprize
Are you pregnant? Are you experiencing early pregnancy symptoms or is it something else? There are many very early signs that you can be aware of before you go to seek advice
Easy Cures For Morning Sickness. Want A Remedy That Really Works For You?
There are many ways to survive morning sickness. Here are the best of them. Learn what the triggers are and how to avoid them. Find out what's helped other women get through their first trimester.
Cold Symptoms In Pregnancy: Which Flu Remedies Work?
The last thing you need right now are cold symptoms in pregnancy. Natural pregnancy calls for natural flu remedies. Here’s what to do to get better fast.
A Healthy Diet For Pregnancy Is THE Most Important Element For You and Your Baby
A healthy diet for pregnancy can optimise your health during pregnancy, prepare you for labor and grow a healthier baby. Read about what to eat and what foods to avoid.
Pregnancy Exercise Is Important In Preparing For Birth And Keeping Fit.
Want to know how to choose a pregnancy exercise and why? Be trim, taut and look terrific while pregnant. Read more.
Belly Dancing For Pregnancy Is Great For Preparing For Labor & Birth.
Do you know how many benefits there are to belly dancing for pregnancy and birth? It helps with baby's position & easier labor
Singing In Pregnancy Is So Good For You and Your Baby. The Benefits Are Endless.
The health benefits of singing for everyone are enormous, but are especially important during pregnancy. Use singing in pregnancy, labor and afterwards.
Sleep During Pregnancy Can Be A Problem. Is It Impossible To get Comfy?
Are you experiencing trouble getting enough sleep during pregnancy? At there are many expert tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.
Emotions In Pregnancy Can Be A Challenge. Are Your Moods Up & Down?
Here's the solution to your erratic emotions in pregnancy. Follow these tips to feel more balanced emotionally.
Stylish Maternity Clothes Will Help You Celebrate Your Pregnancy In Style.
Stylish Maternity Clothes Know-How. What to wear when you’re pregnant is easier than ever. Here's how to be stylish and feel comfortable when you're expecting.
Having A Posterior Baby In Pregnancy Can Be A Pain In The Backside!
Do you have a posterior baby? Have you heard of optimal fetal positioning? Reduce the chances of going overdue and of a backache labor, encourage your baby into the best position.
Where To Give Birth Is Such An Important Decision. Have You Chosen Yet?
Home, Hospital, Birth Centre? What are your options? Here are the pros and cons. What are your preferences on where to give birth to your new baby?
Natural Ways To Induce Labor Have Been Known By Women For Centuries.
Don't want to go overdue? Find out all about natural ways to induce labor and avoid Pitocin. Your baby will help get labor started if you know what to do.
Natural Child-birth Welcomes Your Baby Into The World. Get Prepared With Us.
Natural child-birth is what you’re perfectly designed for. Here’s how to prepare for the labor and gentle natural birth that you and your baby want.
Signs Of Labor Explained. How Can You Tell If It's False Labor Or True Labor?
Which early signs of labor are most important? When do I call the midwife or go into hospital?
The Best Positions For Birth Are All Intuitive And Natural Using Gravity.
Here are the most natural positions for birth. Reduce the chance of needing stitches, aid your baby in his arrival and stay in control.
Home Birth Is As Safe As Hospital Birth And Much More Relaxed.
Everything you need to know about home birth. How to prepare, what equipment you'll need, all the reasons to have a homebirth.
Share Birth Stories From Around The World. Read Other Mom's Experiences.
Read other women's birth stories, tell us your story and feel the connection between women around the globe as we share our birth stories..
Breast Feeding Is Natural But You May Need Help To Get Started.
It’s never too early to start thinking about nursing your baby. Breast feeding is the natural choice. Here’s the essential information and advice you'll need
Baby Wearing & Attachment Parenting Makes For A Calm Content Baby
Did You Know Babies who are worn feel secure and are calmer than babies who aren't. EC and Baby Wearing leads to a content, happy baby
Traveling With Your Baby? Do You Feel Nervous Or Unprepared? Don't Panic
Did you know that traveling with your baby can be fun? Have you ever done a long or short-haul trip with a new baby or toddler? It’s doesn’t need to be stressful if you use our great tips..
What Is A Uterine Prolapse? Can You Prevent It Happening To You?
Do you have a uterine prolapse, a feeling of something coming down or out of the vagina. An uncomfortable feeling of fullness in your pelvic area?
Working From Home Is Easy
Are you thinking that you really don't want to leave your baby to return to work? Why not try working from home? Be your own boss and work the hours that suit you and your baby.
The Only Natural Pregnancy Store You'll Ever Need.
Our Natural Pregnancy Store for all your pregnancy and child birth needs. We sell only the best books, DVD's and natural baby products including sheepskins for newborns.
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Latching On Is How Your Baby Fixes Onto The Breast For A Feed.
Self-attachment is the natural, instinctive way your baby uses when latching on to your breast by himself.
Seatbelts In Pregnancy Is A Must-Do When Travelling By Car.
Putting straight the myth that wearing seatbelts in pregnancy is not compulsory. Keep your baby safe in the car before and after birth.

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