Natural Pregnancy

Natural pregnancy means different things to different people. For the purpose of this website it means allowing your body to follow it’s natural course, avoiding too much interference & unnecessary technology, having a healthy pregnancy diet , listening to your intuition, being centered in mind, body and spirit, getting regular pregnancy exercise and being proactive in preparing for a gentle, natural birth.

It includes hopefully avoiding medical induction of labor, ‘hi-tec’ labor & elective cesarian births. We discuss how to achieve a natural gentle birth in hospital, at home or in a Birthing Center.

In order to achieve your goal of a fulfilling pregnancy and childbirth, it takes preparation, awareness and a positive intention……to name a few.

The idea of sitting back, chilling-out and waiting for nine months to pass, is out the window! Eating for two is also a non-starter if you want to keep your pre-pregnant weight. As soon as you realized you were expecting, you probably started reassessing all your ‘normal ideals’ and maybe even questioning things which had never entered your head before. This is very common. Pregnancy is a great time to re-assess your life choices and health choices. A great time to get healthy and fitter than you have been in the past maybe? Gentle exercise or pregnancy yoga is useful for so many reasons. Even just a daily walk to the local park or shops will be beneficial to your general well-being.

Choosing to go for a natural childbirth means making healthy decisions about things like exercise, food, Alcohol, environmentally-friendly cleaning products around your home, natural skin and hair care products and other lifestyle choices.

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How do you want to live your life when this new baby arrives? What can you do now to prepare for that day? Have you thought about nursing or breast feeding your newborn? Do you want to do any D-I-Y projects around the home in preparation for this wonderful new little person? So many choices and things to consider.

Some people presume that natural childbirth means painful birth. Not necessarily so. What it does mean is feeling in control, being in-touch with your inner Womanly strength, going with the flow, and following your innate female intuition. This is a time of transformation in your Life. My aim is to help you enjoy this period in your life and bring you helpful information to achieve this.

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