Natural Ways To Induce Labor

Natural ways to induce labor is something that women have known about throughout history. What does it mean to you? We’ll look at the ‘safe’ ways of inducing and other ‘not to be recommended’ methods of inducing labor.

Inducing labor may cross your mind in the weeks leading up to the ‘end’ of your pregnancy. Your expectation of how long your pregnancy will be plays a major role in this thinking. You may hope that once you are 40 weeks pregnant your baby will arrive anytime soon!

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Some women always have pregnancies that last more than 40 weeks. Others seem to have shorter pregnancies. If you have the opportunity, ask your Mom, Grandmother, sisters and Aunts how long their pregnancies were. Length of pregnancy often runs in families, although not always. Other factors can influence the gestation period.

In Western countries over the past few decades we have been told that normal human pregnancy shouldn’t last longer than 40 weeks, 42 at best. What do they do in other cultures? What did our ancestors do? They didn’t have ultrasound scans or Obstetricians to consult.

Historically women would watch the passing months and count lunar cycles (moon months). But mostly they would listen to their babies and their bodies; waiting for the signs of labor. They were often very physically active and ate a healthy pregnancy diet. However they often knew natural ways to induce labor too!

Midwives have always been the guardians of natural pregnancy and natural birth. The word ‘Midwife’ comes from mid = with and wife = woman. Experienced midwives would have been ‘with-woman’ for many years. Thus gaining the knowledge and experience to recognise the earliest signs of labor.

There are many factors that influence when you will go into labor and whether you will be encouraged to induce labor. Don’t take induction of labor lightly as it can be more complicated that you may realise. It can have far reaching effects on you and your newborn baby.

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