Is morning sickness spoiling your early pregnancy experience? This should be a time of celebration and happy planning for the new addition to your family. Nausea and 'upset stomach' is one of the unpleasant early pregnancy symptoms that happens to one degree or another for some women.

Although it's called 'Morning Sickness' it can last all day for some pregnant women. The majority of women do feel it most on waking. There are plenty of ways you can reduce the symptoms.

If you're suffering from this it can be quite debilitating and disruptive if you're trying to keep up your normal routines. Early pregnancy nausea and sickness can be worsened if you're tired or stressed, so try to reduce your stress levels as much as possible. Aim to get to bed early or have a power nap (short sleep) when you get home from work or even at lunchtime.

If you don't feel up to going in to work, see your Doctor and ask him or her to write you an exeption note for your employer. It's better to have a few days at home to get over the worst period of nausea.

Contributing Factors:

• Increased saliva production - this happens in pregnancy and can increase your morning sickness.

• Stress and anxiety worsen the symptoms.

• Fatigue – the more tired you are the stronger morning sickness can be.

• Hormone changes - HCg, progesterone and oestrogen can affect how you feel.

• Number of babies e.g. twins or multiple pregnancy can mean more nausea – due to higher hormone levels.

• Low blood sugar – being hungry doesn’t help.

There are also theories that say that morning sickness helps to keep moms away from eating foods that may harm her or her unborn baby. The more plain and bland the food you eat, the more you can reduce your nausea and sickness.

Reducing Morning Sickness

Try not to let yourself suffer with dehydration in early pregnancy. This can affect morning sickness. Sip water and fruit juice-type drinks throughout the day. Try to avoid drinks with artificial sweeteners. A little bit of natural fructose (fruit sugar) is better than ingredients like Aspartame or it’s derivatives.

* Try sea-sickness wrist bands. They work with Acupressure points and some people find they really work.

* Avoid being around foods that have a strong odour or make you feel ill. Ask your partner to do the cooking until you feel better. Eat very simple plain food.

* Sleep. Get as many hours sleep as you feel you need. This may be as much as 10 hours per night plus a short daytime nap. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep on the spot. Tiredness in the first trimester can be completely overwhelming. Follow your instincts and your body’s demands. This won’t last for your whole pregnancy!

* Ginger in any form. Drinks which contain Ginger are good e.g. Ginger tea or cordial or just a piece of root ginger with hot water. Try grating some root ginger and add honey to taste and boiling water to make a soothing drink.

* Cider Vinegar drinks. Add a teaspoon of cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey to a mug of hot water. Add more honey if needed. Sip gradually through the day to balance and neutralize the acid/alkaline balance of your digestive system.

* Vitamin B6 - also known as pyridoxine - 10 to 25 mg three times a day. Research has shown that taking some extra Vitamin B6 often helps relieve queasiness for some women suffering with morning sickness. As with any supplements ask your doctor or midwife if this is recommended because too much vitamin B6 can cause numbness and nerve damage for you and may not be safe for your developing baby.

Hunger and Eating

Another factor that can help reduce the nausea associated with pregnancy is not letting your stomach be empty for very long. That may sound impossible if you're feeling sick. When your stomach is empty the acid production is increased and this causes more nausea.

To reduce the feeling of emptiness and nausea try keeping a few dry plain wafer-type crackers or ginger biscuits beside your bed. Then before you get up in the morning sit up and nibble on 1 or 2 biscuits. The biscuits or other plain snack will absorb the acid in your stomach and relieve the nausea. Even better get your partner to bring you toast and a hot drink in bed.

If you don’t think you can face eating at first just try to eat a tiny bit. Gradually increase the amount you eat. Getting through the first few weeks or months is a team effort and he’ll be pleased that he can do something to help.

Once you are up and about make sure you never reach the stage of feeling really hungry. Eat little and often throughout the day. It’s better to have 6 small meals a day rather that 3 large ones. A well-cooked egg on toast is a good breakfast idea. High protein and carbohydrate snacks will keep your energy levels up.

It’s a good idea to keep a supply of plain biscuits or other healthy snacks with you all day. These could be something like crackers or oatcakes – no sugar and no fat, just very plain and unadulterated. Keep some in your car, some at work and a few in your purse or handbag. That way, wherever you are when hunger or nausea appears, you can eat a few biscuits.

Many women find that just by eating fruit and vegetables for a day or two, (mostly raw) that they can completely eliminate their morning sickness. Buy in loads of your favorite fruits and veggies. Try making smoothies made with water and fruits or a vegetable juice drink made from several vegetables. If you have a good 'Juicer' that will really help!

As mentioned earlier root ginger or ginger tea is another helpful remedy for nausea. If you can get hold of some fresh root ginger either grate it finely or just chop it into small pieces. Put it in a mug with boiling water and let it steep for a few minutes. Add honey if you need to sweeten the beverage. You can keep a thermos flask full of Ginger tea and take it to work with you or sip it all day wherever you are. If you don’t like ginger on it’s own try adding some to your favorite hot beverage.

More Resouces:

Try to reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, increase relaxation time, and don’t let your stomach get empty for too long. Some women find Homeopathy or Acupuncture helpful.

During the first 8 – 12 weeks of pregnancy your body is putting all it’s energy into developing a baby from just a few cells. The cell division and growth is quite astounding so give yourself a break and really appreciate what your body is trying to achieve.

By the time you reach 12 weeks gestation your baby with be a miniature version of the complete baby with all the major organs, limbs, toes and fingers and nervous system. If you have a 12 – 14 week ultrasound scan you’ll be amazed at the rate of fetal development. It’s no wonder you felt tired in those first few months!

Get even more great advice on coping with morning sickness at 'Morning Sickness Help'. It's worth remembering too that the worse your morning sickness is, the stronger your pregnancy is. Many women who've suffered with miscarriages can be reassured by experiencing nausea.

Here's hoping that these tips will help you regain your energy and vitality and get rid of your morning sickness soon.

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One nausea remedy is to eat some dry toast or plain cracker-type biscuits before you get out of bed.