Avoid Inducing Labor & Prepare For Birth By Staying Connected With Nature:

Inducing labor is something we hear about all the time. Is it something you want or would rather avoid? Pregnancy and birth are natural processes for the majority of women. If you want to avoid inducing labor you can by staying connected with Nature and doing this throughout your pregnancy it'll really be very helpful - you could say essential for preparing for labor and birth.

In order to go into labor naturally when the time is right, your body needs to be able to go into that natural, instinctive mode. It’s actually a Mammalian mode or primitive way of being.

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The highly developed neo-cortex of our brain is where all the conscious thinking, speech, language and sight are processed. Birth requires the use of the Mammalian part of our brain.

Mammals instinctively know how to give birth. Do you know any animals that needed to be inducing labor, having elective c-sections or augmentation (speeding up) of labor with drugs? I don’t think so!

Birth is instinctive for animals. As Humans we have the same primitive part of the brain and we need to switch on to that part, leaving the neo-cortex and our 21st Century rational thinking behind.

Mammals behave instinctively. They are all connected with nature. Some may go and find a nice dark, quiet nesting place - laboring cats will often make a birthing-nest in a box in the under-stairs cupboard or other undisturbed place. Their minds don’t bother them with unnecessary thoughts.

So getting back to us Humans. In today’s busy, speedy society it can be hard to stay connected with Nature. If you can find time in your day or week to reconnect with Nature it may help you when it comes time to go into labor and give birth naturally. Why not avoid inducing labor if you can! Induction of labor carries many unwanted risks that you and your baby could do without.

Ways To Connect With Nature & Avoid Inducing Labor:

• Depending on the weather and climate just spend a while in the back yard or garden. Pick some flowers, feed the birds or simply ‘Be’.

• Connect with nature by taking a short walk in the park in your lunch break or after work each day. Find a new route home with parks and trees to enjoy.

• Look out of the window (if it’s too freezing cold outside) – just watch what the birds are doing for a few moments.

• If it’s Hot and Summery where you are, take a bare-foot walk on the lawn or beach; feel the heat of the sun-warmed sand between your toes and let the sand massage and exfoliate your feet. Listen to the waves washing in and out.

• If it’s cold and snow-covered, dress up warm and take a short walk on the crisp untouched snow.

• Listen to a CD recording of the Sea, Jungle Birds or other natural setting.

• If none of the above appeal, simply sit in a quiet space with your hands on your belly and connect with your unborn baby. Listen to your own breathing as you do this. Check that all phones are turned off or are silenced first.

Spending contemplative time every day or every few days will help you connect with your intuitive self. When the day comes for you to go into labor, your body will know what to do instinctively. You’ll be so used to tuning in to your intuition that following your body’s instincts will be a breeze.

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