I Pushed Her Out in March

by Hannah
(Boston's South Shore)

Beautiful march Baby for Hannah

Beautiful march Baby for Hannah

I was due on March 30th, 2012. My birthday is March 6th and my husband's is March 12th. I have a weird obsession with numbers and dates and birthdays, so I decided she HAD TO be born in March, too. She just had to be!!! So on March 19th, I started using all the safe methods of natural induction I could possibly find on the internet, and my Braxton Hicks actually became more frequent. I walked more in those couple weeks than I have since I walked to and from my high school in freshman year. I made and devoured "labor inducing cookies" (cookies chock-full of spices) and took warm baths and danced and had (unpleasant and uncomfortable) sex. On March 28th, I had my first painful contraction. My mom thinks that from this point on, I willed myself to have contractions because I'm a freak and needed her to be a Marchie. For the next two days and nights I bad contractions every 20 minutes to an hour apart and hardly had any sleep. On the 30th I had my 40 week prenatal visit at the birth center. My mom & husband came, because we were so sure I would be at least 3cm dilated. The midwife examined me and I was just barely 1cm. It was disheartening but I stayed cheery and spent the rest of the day wandering around the city (Cambridge, MA) and WALKING!!! We went back at 5 so my midwife could check again before she went home, but I was only 2ish centimeters. What!?!? So we went home (a 45-minute drive) and, of course, my contractions started to get intense and coming every 5 to 10 minutes. At 10pm we decided to go back and I woke the whole birth center up but was only barely 3cm. I was so frustrated that everyone was sure I willed myself to dilate. Over the next hour, gripping onto the waiting room's bookshelf, I dilated to 4cm and was admitted into one of the birthing bedrooms. The rest of the night is mostly blurry because I fell asleep many many times (my husband just didn't wake up much at all) and it went by very quickly. In the morning things started to progress and I spent most of the day walking up and down the stairs, squatting, swaying, bouncing, listening to her heartbeat, and trying to smile in between contractions. My husband and mom were wonderful comforts and did everything I (politely) ordered them to do or STOP doing. By the afternoon, my midwife had come back, did an exam, and told me I was at 9.5cm!!!!!!!! I got so excited but no matter what I did I didn't go any further. Finally (after I transitioned and did the "I CANT I CANT I CANT" panicking, my midwife offered to hold back the last half centimeter while I pushed. IT HURT! And honestly I loathed her in those moments for causing extra pain. She said "you can either push or we can go over to the hospital and get this over with" which she knew would do the trick. That b**** ;) I loved her. I pushed for half an hour and out she came! 4:26pm beneath a ray of sunshine, into my very own hands and straight up onto my chest. She was redheaded and screaming and my husband burst into tears and I just laughed because she was born, finally! In March :)

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Dec 23, 2013
Great story of mind over matter
by: Maia

Thank you Hannah.....your lovely Birth Story is inspiring to all of us. It shows how you can use your will power to bring on labor and help baby out.

Mind over matter is really important sometimes, other times you can just switch off your thinking and just let go.

Thank you again Hannah for sharing, please let your friends know where they can read your story and add theirs too!

Kind regards,

Maia the Midwife

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