How Shawna Managed Her Back Pain and Back Labor

by Shawna Dickson

Yoga assisted greatly in reducing back pain during pregnancy, in particular any psoas stretches paired with stretching the gluteal muscles. Pigeon pose works great for this combo.

In my first back labor a very warm bath eased the back pain, but wasn't sufficient. Transfer to a cold hospital made it worse and a little harder, but baby was still born without any medicinal assistance or interventions, thanks to great support from staff and husband.

Second back labor I consistently rotated and kept hot packs warmed in a large, dry crockpot wrapped onto my back and did the spinning babies 'abdominal lift and tuck' myself during most contractions while leaning up against a wall. Also, periodically did a few contractions with one foot up on a chair to keep things moving. All this made a HUGE difference and makes me not worry about baby 3 being posterior again.

NOTHING turns my babies so I've accepted that this is just how I do it. This time I've learned that there are those who don't have any pain associated with posterior babies so I'm working to let my fears go and open up to how it's best for baby to come out. I truly believe mom has just as much influence on how quickly the cervix can thin and open as baby's head pushing down on it does.

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Oct 26, 2015
Well Managed
by: MAIA

Thanks for sharing your experiences Shawna. Back labor can be coped with in so many different ways.

best wishes,

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