Home Birth Essentials

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Some home birth essentials will make life easier for you in the days leading up to, during and after the arrival of your newborn.

General Equipment

• Lots and lots of old towels.

• Lots of old bedlinen or blankets, quilts that you don’t care about too much.

• Thick plastic sheets - 1 or 2 should be enough.

• A plastic jug about 2 pint (2 litre) size.

• A plastic bucket with nice rounded edges or a big plastic bowl.

• Big packet of plain cooking salt for washing blood out of towels etc.

• High energy snacks and drinks for everyone.

• Water birth equipment eg. all the bits for your birth pool if you’ve hired or bought one. Have it filled up with warm water in the weeks leading up to your due date. Relaxing in the birthing pool is a great way to relieve back ache and have fun with your partner or toddlers. Check all the instructions.

• A Tupperware container or small bucket for the placenta if you intend to keep it or bury it in the garden.

• A strong bright light or torch is one of the home birth essentials, so the midwife can see if she needs to give you any stitches.

• A fully charged camera or smart mobile phone. The first few hours after birth are irreplaceable, you’ll want photos to remember these moments.

Home Birth Essentials For You

• Lavendar Augustifolia essential oil 5ml bottle.

• Raspberry Leaf Tea is one of the essentials for home birth - a jug of cold tea in the fridge is a great idea, sip it before, during and after the birth.

• A TENS machine if you are going to hire one, get it before you reach 37 weeks gestation. Practice with it so you are familiar with how it works.

• Plenty of toilet tissue.

• A hot water bottle to ease any aches or pains.

• Big, extra long maternity sanitary pads.

• Thick, soft cotton face clothes (flannels).

• Any homeopathic Birth Kit or remedies you have been prescribed.

• 1 or 2 good friends or family members on-call for looking after any other kids you already have, if necessary. This is so your partner is 100% free to concentrate on you.

• A small overnight bag packed just to insure that you won’t need it…..e.g. with clothes and things you would need if you are transferred into hospital at any stage. If you have it ready it probably won’t be needed! It always worked for the women I cared for.

• Tea Tree Oil or Witch Hazel for adding to your bath to aid healing of your perineum. Either of these diluted on a piece of gauze is very cooling and comforting in the days following the birth. It will also help heal any grazes to your labia.

Home Birth Essentials For After The Birth

Other home birth essentials include items for the hours, days and weeks after your baby's arrival. You'll want to let all your friends and family know about junior's arrival.

• A list of phone numbers for announcing the good news.

• A list of friends (and their contact numbers) who have offered help and support in the weeks following the homebirth. People you can call on if needed.

• Meals in the freezer so no-one needs to think about cooking for a while.

• Baby clothes stacked up in a warm place like an airing cupboard ready for when the baby arrives. Put a clean nightdress in there for yourself too.

• Plenty of clean towels for you to use in the days after the birth. Preferably dark colors.

• Diapers or nappies. Get some lovely ultra soft natural fabric ones, new baby's skin is so soft and delicate you don't want anything rough coming into contact with it. Check out Cloth Diapers Online where you can learn everything you need to know about cloth diapering your baby.

• Some natural barrier cream for baby's bottom. Try the Motherlove Nipple Cream available from our store as it's great as a diaper cream. Baby's first poop - meconium - is like sticky black tar and if you let it get dry before you notice a diaper change is needed it can be HARD WORK to get the skin clean. You'll need to resort to a bath!

• Your favorite chocolate bar to munch on; dark chocolate has more iron in it and can help get your iron levels back up following the birth.

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