Relaxation, Stress-Busting And Emotions In Pregnancy.

Our emotions in pregnancy can be all over the place. One minute you're up, the next you're down! Pregnancy can be a time of unexpected feelings and stresses.

This can be especially so if it’s your first pregnancy or a first pregnancy with a new partner. It can be unexpected because you’ve probably been planning and hoping for this baby for ages and really want to become a parent and hold your own baby in your arms.

The last thing you expected was to feel anxious or stressed! If it’s any consolation, it ‘s really common to feel this way.

Sometimes issues such as financial concerns, work problems or family disagreements can cause you to feel stressed too.

If you’re having problems conceiving or undergoing fertility treatment, that will be incredibly stressful and will require you to surround yourselves with a great support network of supportive and trustworthy friends and family. Go to Fertility information on Getting Pregnant page for more information.

Having a coping mechanism from an early stage in your pregnancy or preferably before you conceive will always be a great benefit. Yoga during pregnancy is a brilliant stress-buster and you can do it at home without the need to go anywhere. If you feel the need you can buy a good DVD or book to help you get started.

Any type of exercise (within reason) is good for reducing stress levels. The endorphin hormones released during exercise will help to lift your mood. Read more about exercise in pregnancy.

Remember that a little exercise before bedtime can also aid your sleep.

Stress and Digestion

Emotions in pregnancy can effect your digestion too. Stress has the ability to shut down digestion and hence gastric acid production. The maximum amount of nutrients will be absorbed if you can find some time to be calm, quiet and relaxed just prior to meal times. Also, if food is chewed, rather than eaten rapidly in five minutes or in the office, this will aid your digestion (even if you're stressed).


One natural essential oil that is well known for aiding relaxation is: Lavender Augustifolia oil. You can buy oils at your local Whole Food Store, Naturopath, or Aromatherapy Clinic.

Aromatherapy and essential oils can be incredibly powerful in their effect on emotions in pregnancy, so you should always consult a registered Aromatherapist before using essential oils.

Ask your partner to give you a nice back or foot massage at bedtime. Lavendar is also great for lowering blood pressure, so be careful if you know that your blood pressure is already rather low.

Another good tip is to get a Lavendar bag and keep it near your pillow. These can be bought or made very easily and contain dried lavendar flowers. I still have some that smell as strong as the day I made them, which is a few decades ago now!

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Your natural pregnancy success depends on both physical and emotional good health. Aim to have the right work/Life balance and look after your own and your partner's emotional well-being. Becoming parents is a time of great change in your lives, so make it as easy as possible by keeping stress at bay.

Your emotions in pregnancy are just as important as your physical health. One way to make this a priority is to schedule in some relaxation time for you as a couple. Go to the movies, take a picnic in the park or have a weekend away at regular intervals. This could well be harder once your baby arrives.

It's also worth considering consulting a Homeopathic doctor, aromatherapist or having a professional massage to help you relax or get a better night's sleep.

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