Birth Stories

Do you have any Birth Stories you'd like to share? Have you had a baby recently?

What was your baby's birth like? Did you have an easy or difficult time in labor? We all love to hear other people's birth experiences and also to share about our own experiences.

Story telling is an important part of moving into parenthood. You have probably told the story of your labor and the birth of your baby over and over many times to your friends, family and neighbors, maybe even to complete strangers on the bus or when you were on vacation.

Each woman's story is unique and each labor and birth is unique for every woman. So whether you have one child or ten, no two labors will be the same - at least it would be very rare if they were. Have you had 2 labors that were identical? If so please do tell us about them.

So take some time and write your story. When you're happy with it post it here for others to read. By sharing your experience you can help other people to learn by things you have gone through or things you think people may want to avoid.

Maybe you gave birth to twins at home, or have a friend who had a home birth after a previous cesarean section. Did your waters "go" when you were out shopping or maybe you simply had a natural birth and it all went the way you had hoped! If your labor and delivery didn't go according to your hoped-for-plans tell us why you think that happened and what you'd recommend to others so that they can avoid those issues.

Whatever your childbirth journey is, we'd all love to hear it.

Do You Have A Birth Story To Share?

Do you have a birth story that you'd like to tell us about? Share it here.......

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Midwives always tell you that every birth, every labour is different even for the same mother and I’ve certainly found the truth of that. Also the longest …

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When I was expecting my second baby, many people told me that I'd find the second birth much easier and quicker than the first. The first had been pretty …

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