Want To Get Rid Of Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Back pain during pregnancy can be a real issue for some women. Most people think that back pain and pregnancy go hand in hand. This isn’t necessarily the case. Many women go through several pregnancies without a hint of back symptoms. So what’s their secret? Read on for some helpful tips and advice.

Why Do You Get Back Pain?

From early on in your pregnancy your body will be producing and releasing the hormone Relaxin. This aids your joints, ligaments and tendons to stretch, allowing for growth and stretching which is needed for pregnancy and birth.

Due to the release of Relaxin you will be at increased risk of over-straining your ligaments, tendons and muscles. This can lead to back pain.

As your baby grows, so the work for your back is increased. Many women decide to decorate or renovate part of the home while pregnant too. If you've taken on a D-I-Y project while pregnant be extra careful and look after your back.

12 Ways To Avoid Back Pain In Pregnancy:

1. Keep an eye on your posture. Stand up straight.

2. Exercise regularly, maybe Swimming, Pilates or 'Yoga for Pregnancy' . This will increase your flexibility and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles.

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3. Make sure your bed is supportive. A good mattress is essential to support your back in pregnancy and after.

4. Always bend your knees as opposed to bending from the waist or hips and keep your back straight when lifting or picking up something from the floor.

5. Eat well. A healthy diet for pregnancy is important in supporting the strength and flexibility of your back. Make especially sure that you are getting enough Calcium and Vitamin D in your diet.

6. Wear appropriate footwear. Low heals or flat shoes are best during pregnancy. You need good arch support for your feet during pregnancy. Low or falling arch’s can lead to backache or back pain in pregnancy or afterwards. Consider seeing a Chiropodist (Podiatrist) during your 2nd Trimester for a check-up.

7. Move your feet when turning around to avoid twisting your ankles or spine.

8. Try to manage handling your other children without lifting them up so often. I know it’s impossible to say “No” all the time. Consider using a sling if you have a very young toddler.

9. Avoid lifting heavy objects. Ask for help or find alternative ways to manage.

10. Sit up straight; use a cushion if it helps.

11. When preparing food or doing any task make sure the surface you work at is at the right height for you, so you don’t have to stoop or bend.

12. Take a daily siesta. Rest or a power nap will really make a big difference to reducing your back pain during pregnancy. If you're still working see your employer or Personnel Manager to see if they can find a room where you can lie down during your coffee and lunch breaks; even 10-15 minutes will make a difference. I'm sure they'd prefer you to be able to keep working rather than take Maternity Leave early due to back pain.

Many pregnant women presume that as their pregnant belly enlarges, they will naturally let their center of gravity alter their posture, creating a deep, unnatural curve in the lumbar region of their spine.

It’s now known that allowing this deep curve to develop or become a habit isn’t beneficial and can lead to pregnancy back pain. Lordosis is the term used for an over-curvature of the lumbar spine. By strengthening your abdominal and back muscles you can maintain healthy, upright posture.

Remember: hold your head up high, walk tall, bottom in, shoulders back, chest out. Think 'Regal'. Walk and stand like a proud, pregnant Queen or Princess! Hey, why not! Belly Dancing in pregnancy is another great way to aid good posture and strengthen all the right muscles. It's great fun and is a natural way to prepare for labor and birth.

Who & What Can Help With Back Pain During Pregnancy:

When you have back pain during pregnancy you sometimes need to seek help in relieving it. Here are some good resources:

• Obstetric Physiotherapist

• Chiropractor

• Osteopath

• Cranio-sacral Therapist

• Alexander Technique teacher

• Chiropodist or Podiatrist

• Therapeutic Massage

• Warm bath

• More rest!

We all know that back pain during pregnancy can spoil your experience and make pregnancy more exhausting. Follow our advice and enjoy your natural pain-free pregnancy.

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No Back Pain for Me! :-) 
I rode my bike EVERYWHERE in the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy, I also did quite a lot of swimming (I was living in Australia at this stage - lucky me!) …

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This yoga twist gives your back a great stretch. Do it several times on both sides, twice a day if you can.

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Ask your partner to give you a massage once in a while.

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