Back Labour

by Caroline

When I was expecting my second baby, many people told me that I'd find the second birth much easier and quicker than the first. The first had been pretty good about 10 hours hard work but not excessively painful with no complications. I had a beautiful healthy baby boy.

When I went into labor with the second it soon became clear that it was not going to be easier. My back hurt. It ached constantly, hour after hour. Finally my daughter was born after 13 hours. I know that's not a particularly long labor, but it wasn't shorter than the first.

What no-one had told me was that she was lying back-to-back with me. I found out later this position is most common with first babies, and gets less likely with each birth.

I had different midwives this time and everyone assumed that I'd had a back labor first time round, and that I knew all about it. No one explained why it hurt so much more than the previous birth. I think I could have accepted the backache better if I'd known why it hurt.

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