Baby Wearing and Elimination Communication

Baby wearing, attachment parenting and elimination communication. How are these all related? Through practice and education I realized just how interrelated these three topics are.

Through my research at, I learned that wearing your baby IS attachment parenting. The reason should seem obvious, you’re attached to your baby!

Carrying your baby like this promotes physical and emotional growth for your baby and you. Your baby learns the most in the alert/awake state. Babies who are worn experience this state for longer periods of time than babies who are left to themselves. This is especially so when traveling with your baby.

A baby’s every need is supplied by Mama so they feel the safest when near her. This is why babies who are worn look so content (even to the point of falling asleep). They have all their needs met, the most important being physical touch, so everything’s right with the world and their contentment brings rest literally!

For more information check out 'The Babywearer' where you can find lists of baby carrier makers. Each maker has a page where others have left comments about their product and services so you can make an educated decision as to who is the best for you.

There are also information pages on baby wearing techniques so you will carry your baby safely. The number one rule is to have your baby’s head high enough so you can kiss them. Here’s a video that explains all about using many types of baby slings and carriers:

It took a while for me to figure out how baby wearing and elimination communication are connected. Once I started E.C.’ing our infant at 1 month old my eyes opened! Elimination communication is a most wonderful practice mainly because you experience a connection with your baby at a time when most parents don’t. Many parents are left clueless as to why their child is upset or fussy. With elimination communication I was able to see that at least part of the time the reason for the fussiness was a full bladder!

E.C. teaches you to be close to your baby and learn the ways their body works. When you know and are familiar with their bodily functions you can anticipate and assist in placing your child's waste in the proper place. You start to pick up on movements they do or sounds they make before they eliminate. This keen observation only takes a short time, it can be accomplished for just a few minutes a day, but results in a wealth of understanding.

With that understanding there comes the desire to keep your child close so you won’t miss any of their bodily “cues” that they have to eliminate - crying, grunting, squirming etc. This is where baby wearing comes in. If you wear your baby you are as close to them as you can get while still being able to go about your own duties unhindered. As a Mom of five myself I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be able to care for my baby through baby wearing and elimination communication while still being able to accomplish my tasks.

This page is written by my guest Chante.

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Babies worn by Mom or Dad are content and sleep well.