Baby Chose A Hospital Birth

by Catherine

We’ve all heard stories of babies accidentally being born at home. Mine was accidentally born in hospital.

We’d planned a home birth, as for the older children, but this baby obviously had her own plan.

I started bleeding slightly (after foolishly stepping on a high stool to reach something), so went to hospital for a check up. I felt fine, didn’t feel like I was in labor, but the doctors persuaded me to stay overnight just in case. I sent my husband home for some sleep and settled down to get some sleep myself. Neither of us got much sleep. I barely got to sleep before I was woken by proper contractions. Husband came back and a few hours later my baby girl was born. It was a straightforward birth.

I was too busy to notice my surroundings much, apart from a very comfy rocking armchair, which I leant on in labor, and later sat on to nurse my baby.

I suppose it was easier not having to worry about my older children, who were safe at home with a friend. I did enjoy the enormous hospital bath and power shower, but on the whole I’d rather have a baby at home. It felt very strange carrying my tiny newborn through the busy hospital corridors and driving home through the streets with her. With the others neither the new baby nor I had to leave the comfort of our home for many weeks.

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A good lesson in open-mindedness
by: maia

Thank you for sharing your experience Caroline. It's great to know you had a lovely hospital birth and had no regrets about not being at home.

Congratulations of your new baby girl's arrival.

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