Christmas Drinks In Pregnancy

It’s Christmas time again and this time you’re pregnant!  Christmas drinks in pregnancy can be a worry. To drink alcohol during pregnancy or not to drink? That is the question so many mothers ask me. What happens if I just have an occasional drink during pregnancy? When you drink alcohol, it passes into your bloodstream, then from your blood, through the placenta to your baby. Your baby’s liver doesn’t mature until the second half of pregnancy. Therefore, your baby cannot process alcohol as well as you can. This can lead to a condition or collection of symptoms known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum or Syndrome (FAS).

* Apparently there is no cure or treatment for the disabilities of fetal alcohol syndrome which may be caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Find a drink you love – you don’t need to spend the Festive Season sipping lemonade or Spring water. Find a non-alcoholic drink you enjoy. There are plenty of fruit juices, flavoured waters and healthy drinks to choose from. Try to choose one with lots of vitamin C like Raspberry, Cranberry juice, Lychee or orange juice. Elderflower cordial is another great drink.

Avoid tempting situations – if you’re finding it difficult to avoid alcohol you may find avoiding certain social situations helps you stay in control. This doesn’t mean you have to become a loner and miss out on all the fun, but you should probably call it a night before your friends break out the vodka.

Enjoy a healthy pregnancy this Christmas.